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Writing / Mentoring Services


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Writing / Mentoring Services

Need to get your creative juices flowing? From idea to creation, our Writing Services will help you put pen to paper; or get someone at Idea Creations Press to do it for you with all of your creative ideas to move them along. The process of writing becomes easier and indeed more fulfilling once collaboration is in place. Choose one of our Writing Services options today.


Meet with the ghostwriter every other week online, by phone or in person (meetings with ghostwriter are free and at least an hour every other week). Share story ideas, and discuss plot, characterization, setting and book direction with a professional, published author.

It's important that the ghostwriter and the idea creator are a good fit. We don't take on every writer we come across, so we offer a first FREE consultation to see if the fit is right.

If the fit is good, plan on signing a contract, setting a date for the book's completion, and discussing how often the consultations will take place. This usually occurs every other week.

For the first week, Idea Creations Press will need everything the author has researched to date on their book, including characters, plot, setting and so forth. If not meeting in person, the idea creator and ghostwriter will meet via phone. The idea creator will discuss his/her book and the research accomplished. (Some research may need to be sent through email if not meeting in person). All following consultations (less the cost of chapter writings) whether by phone or live, are FREE to the idea creator.

Consultations (one hour minimum) consist of:

1. Character sketches (unless already accomplished by idea creator, second meeting only).

2. Discussion of first two chapters, chapters 3 & 4, chapter 5 & 6, etc. Idea creator will receive by email and before the following gathering the previous two chapters from the ghostwriter. Once received the idea creator is expected to read over the chapters and come to the next gathering with any editing changes. Small changes are made for FREE at the gathering, page changes are charged at the regular ghostwriter rate of $6 per page, whether or not the pages written by ghostwriter are used in the final manuscript.

3. Discussion of upcoming two chapters. Ghostwriter will take notes on what the idea creator has in mind and will offer suggestions and direction. During the next two weeks the ghostwriter will work on the new chapters, and prepare for the next gathering.

What to expect from this ghostwriting opportunity: Depending on the current workload of the ghostwriter, a typical 200 page book can be completed in just a year; less, if the ghostwriter is able to work on more than a chapter a week and the idea creator (especially if doing the research themselves) is up-to-date on assignments given them from the ghostwriter.

Ghostwriting rates are $6 per double spaced page and $25 per hour for research done by the ghostwriter.

Blog Writing

Need a blog post or multiple posts on your business blog? Get the word out about your business through the help of an experienced blog writer who can write on multiple subjects. Give them the topic and key words and allow the writer to do the rest!

A website needs clean, SEO copy that stands out from the rest. Blog writing is made simple once the blogger has your information including topic, key words, style of writing wanted and general direction and length of piece.

How the blog writing will be accomplished. After the first draft, the blog will be emailed to the client. If changes are needed, they may be made up to the initial words contracted with the blog writer at no additional charge. If a third draft is necessary, client will be charged $25 an hour until satisfaction is achieved (though rarely is this step necessary). Small changes (words and grammar) can be made to both first and second drafts at no additional charge.

Blog writing rates are $50.00 for blogs under 500 words. Extended and multiple posts and/or articles will be negotiated.


Have various article ideas that you'd like written up for magazines and/or newspapers? Need help coming up with a direction for the story, getting interviews, editing, and finding that perfect place to send your query letter? What is a query letter?

Have a children's picture book idea that you'd like to see all the way to print? Let Idea Creations Press help. Get solid advice, direction and editing from a published author. This mentoring opportunity will help you with balancing illustrations/text, characterization, plot and more!

Have an early reader or middle reader in the works? Want to know if it takes the cake when it comes to what children are reading today? Need help with plot, characterization or setting. Get the nuts and bolts through this Children's Book Writing & Mentoring Workshop.

Get help with your novel, whether it is romance, mystery, fantasy or western. Find out what it takes to succeed in your genre. Learn the ropes when it comes to keeping adults interested and what to weed out. This class takes you through everything: characterization, setting, plot, even that most important first paragraph!

As you can see we can cover many areas in mentoring. You set the pace and where you want to be.

What to expect from this mentoring opportunity: We start with an easy to manage plot guideline and then get writing! Discussion will depend on the writer's strengths and weaknesses. Creativity is number one in this 8 week novel writing & mentoring class; grammar comes second. Get it all out on paper. Make the characters sing, and then go back and change their hair color. What is most important about novel writing will be discussed. Writing exercises will be included to keep the writer, writing. Mentoring is open ended; meaning the direction taken is focused on your needs as a novel writer.

Free initial consultation will include an hour discussion on specific needs and learning interests to focus the time the mentor and writer spend together.

Each mentoring session is about 2 hours.

1 Session - $60.00
8 Sessions - $399.00
12 Sessions - $549.00

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Writing takes guts, but editing is nigh to impossible to do on your very own book. Why? Because you've lived with it for so long, you no longer see the missing word, the misspelled sentence, or the poorly constructed sentence or paragraph. Let Idea Creations Press help! Let us be your next eyes and ears. Allow us to catch those errors and bring them safely to shore.

Editorial Evaluation

Let an experienced, published writer read your manuscript and give you the grit on characterization, setting, plot, book title and more. Is your book ready for publication, or do you have a little more work ahead? Know the facts through the Ideas Creations Press Editorial Evaluation.

What to expect: Evaluation will take just one week. After that, the writer will meet with the editor either in person or by phone to discuss the evaluation. The evaluator will walk through the biggest challenges, discuss strengths, and give the author an opportunity to ask questions.

Estimated Editorial Evaluation costs are $149.00. Costs may be higher for manuscrpts that would have a finished book size of over 50,000 words.

Basic Copyediting

Get your work edited by a professional. Have your grammar, sentence structure and paragraphing given the once over. Correct missing and/or misspelled words. Make your writing shine through the skills of a copyeditor.

What to expect: Basic copyediting services will take from 1-3 weeks depending on the length of your book. The book will be returned to the author with changes. If the author has any questions, the editor will be available for FREE consultation up to two hours following receipt of manuscript.

Estimated editing costs must be paid in full before editing will begin.
$0.01 per word

Comprehensive Copyediting

Want a more comprehensive read? Comprehensive copy-editors look not only at the basics in grammar and sentence construction, they tell you if your plot is working, if your characters are realistic, if a chapter should be taken out or if one or two should be added.

What to expect: Comprehensive copyediting services will take from 1-5 weeks depending on the length of your book and the amount of editing needed. The book will be returned to the author with changes. If the author has any questions, the editor will be available for FREE consultation up to two hours following receipt of manuscript.

Estimated editing costs must be paid in full before editing will begin.
$0.015 per word

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Layout & Design

Know anything about cover art? Interior layout? Have an idea of who you’d like to do it for you, or do you have no idea at all? Want your finished product to look and feel professional without having to figure out how to do it yourself? You might want to try the Layout & Design options offered by Idea Creations Press. Get the book cover of your dreams. Create the design work you’ve always imagined.

Here are some of the additional services we offer:

eBook Conversion
Custom Cover Design with Author's Photo or Artwork
Interior Customization
Artist Illustration Services
Professional Photographer Services
ISBN Assignment
Image Insertions
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Library of Congress Control Number
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