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Years ago, when I began looking for a publisher, my first problem was finding one that would accept my work, the second problem was finding one that cared more about me and my needs and less about their own.

When my first book was published, I had little say so in how it was delivered. I couldn’t choose the cover or how I wanted the interior of my book to look; and I couldn’t choose what my book sold for. What I received was a beautiful cover, but one that would have better suited an adult audience and a price that was far too high for a middle-reader novel. I had a difficult time selling my $18 book.

Years after that first book was published, someone in my family helped me to buy the rights back to “A River of Stones.” I made some editing changes at that time, changed the cover to reflect a middle-reader audience, and began to sell the book for $12.98 with better success.

In 2009, after finishing a degree in Mass Communication and not getting what I believed then to be the job of my dreams, I decided to help other writers out. I became a mentor, an editor and an all-around rah-rah coach. And I loved it. Still do.

My second and third books, “Conquering Your Goliaths: A Parable of the Five Stones,” and “Conquering Your Goliaths: Guidebook,” (both self-published) were just that, choices; and let’s just say, I conquered.

When Idea Creations Press came to be in March of 2012, I knew one thing; ours was going to be a publishing company where the author would be more in control than the publisher. We would be a writer’s dream publisher and would include all of the helps and services I wanted but never got.

We have great technical gurus with the skills to create an excellent book design inside and out. Talk with them about the cover. Plan it and then do it. Choose your interior layout. If you want pictures, do it. Decide what readers should be paying for your book. Choose your price. Make the money—all of the money that is due you. Idea Creations Press will take you from idea to creation, but after that you own the rights to your work. When you are happy with your book we are happy.


Life is all about that. And it’s all about sitting in that swing and dreaming up your next book.


Frequently Asked Questions

I hear you run Idea Creations Press out of your home? Why?

Yes, we run Idea Creations Press out of two offices in our home. Many publishing companies have large, fancy expensive offices. We decided when we started Idea Creations Press in 2012 that our goal was to be all about the author and providing them the best services for the least amount of money. We could have a fancy office, but then that cost would have to transferred on to you. Our workforce work from their home offices across the country. We choose service and quality over a fancy office.

Do I really own all of my rights when my book is published?

 Yes. You are the author of the book, so naturally, you should make all of the profit. Sure, you will need to pay upfront for the services you want, but after the book is published, you profit, not us.

 How long does it typically take for my book to be published?

 That all depends on you. Say you deliver the book with the editing already complete. Your book is of standard length (up to 300 pages) and you have the photo or artwork already in hand for the cover along with your author picture and bio. The turnaround would be pretty quick - up to three weeks.  But say you need more help, at least one edit, and you're still gathering your supplies. You're probably looking at up to three months, sometimes a little longer. But considering how long traditional publishing usually takes - one to two years - even if you're not completely ready for the three week process, you're still looking at a pretty short wait.

 How many published books have you done? What are the genres?

 As of January 2018, we have 22 authors. We have published both fiction and nonfiction including: Christian fiction, fantasy, YA, Children's early reader, picture books, children's historical, mystery, science fiction and LDS fiction. Nonfiction has included: inspirational, self-help, humor, and autobiography.

 What if my book isn't good enough to be published?

 Sometimes, when an author brings us a book to publish, it's not quite ready to be published, even after an edit. This is usually because the book needs more fleshing out - scenes added, an improvement on the plot or characters, and so forth. For this reason, Idea Creations Press, offers a screening process or a read over, even before the editing process begins. We call this our Editorial Evaluation. Once an evaluation has taken place, and the author makes some changes, they can then return the book to us for the editing phase.

 How important is it to market my book after it's published? I'm really a writer not a marketer.

 We understand your concerns. When my first book was published in 2002, I really wasn't a marketer either. I wanted to write and I expected people to buy my books. I soon discovered that even with traditionally published books (which my first book was at the time) I needed to get out there and tell people about them. I learned how to market on-line as well as off-line, because some of the old marketing ways still worked. And I surprised myself, too. I discovered that marketing was actually FUN and that it didn't have to cost loads of money. Today I offer my marketing book, "Marketing Your Book on a Budget," FREE to every author who signs up for one of my two publishing options. I also offer my marketing services to authors who, after all is said and done, still don't want to do the marketing themselves.

 I want to sell my book on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. How do I set things up?

 With either the 'basic' or 'expanded' book packages, the good news is that you don't have to. Idea Creations Press takes care of all of that, as well as the ISBN number. As part of either package, you will also receive an eBook along with the traditional paperback.

 What is Print on Demand?

 Print on Demand (POD) publishing is just what is says. Instead of buying a thousand books at a time, and keeping them in your basement, imagine the freedom of buying only what you need for book signings and speaking engagements. Buy 1, 10 or 100 books or more at a time, and have them printed as you demand (or need) them. They ship directly to your home.

 I don't have a website or blog. Do I need one?

 Yes! Consider getting one started at least six months before your book comes out. Spend some time gathering readers and telling them about your upcoming book. If you don't have six months, get started today. The most important thing is that you have a blog or website that readers can go to, to learn more about you.



"I highly recommend Idea Creations Press. I speak from experience working with Kathryn that she is professional, talented, kind, knowledgeable and a joy to call her a client and friend. You won't be disappointed with this professional business!"

Lauren Holladay - North Port, FL



Just a quick note to thank you for the terrific presentation you and your husband gave at the Oquirrh Chapter meeting last night. I am eager to investigate the "Book Review Yellow Pages" as I desperately NEED reviews. I am also intrigued by several other suggestions including setting up a PayPal account for book purchases, as well as marketing books in unconventional places.

Again, THANK YOU. 

Shirley Spain

Author of Dark and Chilling Thrillers


Idea Creations Press